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McGill players in the NHL

There have been 10 former McGill stars who have played in the NHL (including Lester Patrick, who played one game on defence, one in nets and coached for 13 seasons), plus three other former McGill players in the coaching ranks: Mike Babcock of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, George Burnett who was a head coach in the NHL and Jamie Kompon, a video coach with the St. Louis Blues.


Bert Lindsay
Montreal Wanderers & Toronto Arenas (1917-19)

Sam Rothschild
Montreal Maroons, Pitts. Pirates, NY Americans (1924-28)

Lester Patrick
New York Rangers (player, 1926-27)

Russ Blinco
Montreal Maroons & Chicago (1933-39)

Nels Crutchfield
Montreal Canadiens (1934-35)

Jack McGill
Montreal Canadiens (1934-37)

Johnny Peirson
Boston Bruins (1946-58)

Jack Gelineau
Boston Bruins (Calder Trophy) & Chicago Blackhawks (1948-54)

Reggie Sinclair
New York Rangers & Detroit Red Wings (1950-53)

Mathieu Darche
Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, & Montreal Canadiens (2000-present)

McGill Players Coaching in the NHL

Lester Patrick
New York Rangers (head coach, 1926-39)
George Burnett
Edmonton Oilers (head coach, 94-95) & Anaheim Ducks (asst. coach, 98-00)

Jamie Kompon
Los Angeles Kings (asst. coach, 2006-present); St. Louis Blues (video coach, 1999-2006)

Mike Babcock
Detroit Red Wings (head coach, 2005-present), Anaheim Mighty Ducks (head coach, 2002-2005)

Guy Boucher
Tampa Bay Lightning (head coach, 2010-2012)

Martin Raymond
Tampa Bay Lightning (assistant coach, 2010-2012)

McGill Redmen Playing PRO Hockey (Since 1983)

Name Pos. Last Year Pro Team
Alan Crawford F 1983 France (Epinal, Elite Division)
Yves Beaucage F 1984

France (Villard, Elite Division)

David Ducharme F 1985

Holland (Gronigen, Division 1)
England (Nottingham, , Premier League; Lee Valley, Div. 1)

Mark Reade F 1986

England (Durham, British Premier League)
Finland (Div 1)
IHL (Peoria)

Mike Babcock D 1986

England (Whitley Bay, British Premier League)

Mike Tschumi D 1987

Switzerland (EV Zug, EHC Olten,
HC Fribourg-Gotteron)

Mario DeBenedictis F 1989

Italy (Varèse, Div. 1, Milan, Auronzo, Div. 2, HC Devils),
France (Rouen HE, Elite Division; HC Bolzano, SG Cortina),
Germany (EV Landsberg)

Jamie Kompon D 1989

Germany (Selb, Division 3)

Marco Parenteau F 1990

France (Troyes, Northern League)

Bryan Larkin D 1991

England (Swindon, British Premier League)

Paul Grech F 1991

England (Swindon, British Premier League)

Patrice Tremblay F 1992

France (Viry-Chatillon EH, Elite Division; HC Reims)

Martin Raymond F 1992

Germany (Schongau, Division 4)

Shawn Mondor D 1992

Sweden (Division 2)

Jordy Tedford F 1993

Germany (Eshweiller, Division 4)

Martin Laquerre D 1993

France (Viry-Chatillon, Elite Division)

Luc Latulippe D 1995

France (Viry-Chatillon, Elite Division)

Guy Boucher F 1995

France (Viry-Chatillon; Angers, Elite Division)

Todd Marcellus F 1996

France (ASG Angers, Elite Division),
Germany (SG Brunico, EV Duisburg),
WPHL(New Mexico); CHL (Tulsa

Pierre Gendron F 1997

AHL (Hamilton),
WPHL(New Mexico),
ECHL (New Orleans, Charlotte, Tallahasse, Pensacola)

Kelly Nobes F 1997 Spain
Nicolas Cantin F 1997 CoHL (Thunder Bay),
UHL (Thunder Bay)
J.A. Schneider D 1998 CHL (Columbus, Tulsa)
WHA2 (Macon)
Luc Fournier F 1999 Germany (Deggendorf EC),
ECHL (Pensacola)
WPHL (El Paso)
Francois Pilon D 1999 WPHL (Corpus Christie)
Dave Butler F 1999 WPHL (Corpus Christie, Lubbock,Monroe)
UHL (Muskegon, Port Huron, Fort Wayne, Rockford),
Germany (ESV Hugelsheim)
Dave Gourde F 2000 Italy,
WPHL (Odessa, El Paso)
Mathieu Darche F 2000 NHL (Columbus),
AHL (Syracuse,Milwaukee, Hershey, Worcester)
Germany (Duisburg, DEL)
Greg Davis F 2001
Dave Bahl D 2002 France (Rouen HC)
David Lizotte D 2003 UHL (Muskegon),
ECHL (Greenville)
CHL (Tulsa,Wichita, Arizona)
Germany (ESV Huegelsheim)
Italy (HC Piemonte)
Scott Giroux D 2003 ECHL (Greenville, Long Beach)
David Burgess F 2003 UHL (Muskegon, Adirondack), Denmark (Sonderjyske)
Paul Theriault F 2003 France (HC Avignon, HC Cergy-Pontoise)
Jocelyn Perreault F 2004 France (HC Avignon)
Bruno Lemire F 2004 Germany(Heilbronn),
ECHL (Alaska),
CHL (Lubbock)
Daniel Jacob D 2004 Sweden (HC), AHL (San Antonio),Austria (HC Tiroler WasserKraft, Oberliga), Serbia(Vojvodina Novi Sad)
Chad Blundy D 2005 WPHL (Odessa)
Greg Leblanc F 2005 France (HC Avignon)
Alexandre Pagé D 2005 France (HC Cergy-Pontoise)
Doug Orr F 2006 CHL (Arizona, Youngstown, Rio Grande Valley)

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