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Redmen returnin' to the Nationals, baby !

A message from Mike Nelson, FMH President

Nos Amis;

Our Redmen are returning to the Nationals. YA GOTTA LIKE THAT !

We are going in “under the radar” and that suits us just fine. Notre division est sous-évalué par la reste du pays. Pour nous autres, ca ne fait rien. Nous sommes endurcis et nous avons faim.

Many opponents this season have made the mistake of trying to run us out of the rink. This Redmen team is battle-hardened and competes ferociously. We are resilient and relentless.

The Nationals tournament requires a mountain of resources. FMH shall be there to ensure our Redmen have what they need in order to make the most of this opportunity.

So, if you did not yet get around this season to making a donation to “McGill University re: Redmen hockey”, or you could dig in a little deeper for our Nationals push, we encourage you to do it now.

Every donation makes a difference. Alors, prenez un moment maintenant pour faire quelque choses inspirant.

Note that “Nationals push” FMH emails and info gets posted on the wall in the Redmen dressing room at Nationals. To a man, our team, coaches and staff are galvanized by the support .

As my Redmen team-mate Johnny « Hog » Harris is quick to remind us all « Being a Redmen is a privilege, not a right. So make the most of it.”

Allons-y. Ensemble, le tout est possible. Join the Red wave. Together, everything is possible.

Go Redmen Go!

How to Donate:

Click the button below to be taken to McGill's Alumni page where you can then pay online via credit card:


Note: Under the "I want to support..." section, select “Other” and type “McGill REDMEN HOCKEY” in the box. Also, if you are 35 years of age or less, make your donation on Wed. March 15 and McGill will match it as part of the “McGILL 24 campaign” that day.

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